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We aim to make both our clients and their horses happy, take a look at some of the following testimonials to see what out customers have to say about our livery and horse riding school.


ALEX AND WILKIE – When I started riding a few years ago I was a nervous wreck who would curl into a ball when going any faster than a trot. Rose and Jon have patiently taught me how to be a rider and also how much enjoyment can be had. My confidence has grown and I love every minute now – show jumping included! They strike the right balance between not over facing you but challenging you just enough so that you progress.

The setting at Ladysmith is absolutely stunning and the yard has easy access to fabulous off road hacking. Ladysmith can support you whatever your horsey ambitions – there is something for everyone. I am now embarking on the biggest adventure of all and I have recently bought my own horse, Wilkie. I look forward to the challenge with the benefit of having professionals on hand to help me and care for my horse.


SARAH AND BEN  – Paul and I came to riding later in life than most in our 40’s! We have been riding at Ladysmith for over 10 years now, starting with lessons as complete beginners. Rose and Jon are great instructors, friendly and encouraging and lessons have always been filled with fun and laughter as well as great learning. I never thought that we would actually become horse owners but we are now the proud owners of Benjamin and Barney. Many liveries have become good friends through the years and the yard truly is a friendly place where everyone is always ready with an encouraging word or a helping hand. Over the years, saddling up and heading out into the beautiful surrounding countryside has had so many positive impacts on our lives, both physically and mentally. Thank you Rose and Jon!


KIRSTY AND ALEX –  I have been riding at Ladysmith for several years. I started having lessons with Rose and have been fortunate to ride many different horses, all good natured, well schooled and obviously well cared for.  Lessons are instructive and fun.  In 2017 I finally took the plunge and bought Alex.  Regular lessons with Rose have given me so much confidence both in the school and out hacking and my partnership with Alex has grown immeasurably.  Rose and Jon are always on hand when advice is needed.

The facilities at Ladysmith are excellent with a floodlit school and all year turnout thanks to good pasture management. There are plenty of hacking routes with Barbury Castle and the Ridgeway. We also enjoy regular pole clinics, dressage and jumping competitions which are all good natured! The yard is quiet and well organised which suits us as Alex likes his routine (as do I!) It is also a very friendly and supportive environment and I am confident that Alex is content and well cared for by Rose and Jon.


AUDREY AND OLLIE – Moving to this lovely yard was a great choice for both me and my horse. Having done lots of competing for many years we are both really happy taking life easier and enjoying lots of lovely hacking together. Ollie is very chilled and relaxed, as are all the horses and being a veteran he is really benefiting from lots of daily turnout even in the winter months.

Rose and Jon are great with all the horses and handle them in a lovely quiet way, which as an owner, is nice to witness and very reassuring.  The yard is quite and peaceful, the atmosphere is perfect for spending quality time with my four legged friend.  I am so pleased that Ollie is now in residence at Ladysmith Equestrian – I’m sure he is too!!


ALEX AND JASPER – I’ve been riding at Ladysmith Equestrian for ten years, from the first lesson Rose was encouraging and engaging. The lessons are varied and I would always feel that I would get the best out of each session. Two years later we went to see my first horse for a trial ride. Jasper has now been stabled at Ladysmith for eight happy years.

Ladysmith has a relaxed but professional feel to it – the stables are always spotless, everything is organised. The school has great floodlights, so I can ride in the early mornings or evenings in winter. This flexibility gives me options, and I don’t have to worry about conflicts between work time and horse time. Having proper all day turn out for Jasper keeps him happy and healthy, so if I don’t get the time to ride I know he is not in his stable 24/7.

Ladysmith Equestrian is a big part of my life. It is a welcoming yard – many of the liveries are now good friends. I could not have asked for a better horse, better instruction or better facilities.


ZOE AND LARRY – Moving to Ladysmith was an excellent decision, the yard is incredibly friendly, professional and accommodating to the needs of both horse and rider. The facilities are excellent, good quality all year round turnout, floodlit arenas with good surfaces, new show jumps, flexibility to school and jump on grass arena in the summer and great off road hacking for miles.

Rose and Jon offer top quality care and flexibility to suit around my sometimes difficult work schedule.  I can’t recommend Ladysmith Equestrian enough it’s ideal for happy hacking and competitive riding.